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So, How’s YOUR 24/680 Commute Going This Morning?

Photo: Rich Celestre

The good news is everyone made it out of this one in good order. The bad news is that traffic on the southbound I680 connector to westbound Highway 24 is looking a little sticky as the Highway Patrol and others clear the wreckage and reopen lanes.

Apparently this car tangled with another and “turtled,” blocking the middle lanes of the connector until tow truck operators could get it back on its wheels and carted off to the side of the highway.

This accident was reported at 8:36 a.m. There have been a few others.


  1. Thanks for asking! My commute from Orinda to Moraga took a bit longer today on account of someone triggering the crosswalk signal. I expect that once OSH is closed, my average commute time will go from 7 minutes to 6.5 minutes.

    • Sure, g’wan, rub it in… rub it in. Our commute – from Sleep Chamber (think Nosferatu) to News Bunker was equally hellish this morning, though we did bump our shin on the coffee table in the dark at O Early Thirty. Hoping everyone makes it work and back home again safely today.

  2. And Mt. Diablo looks gross as well. I know it’s due to the fires but the air quality around that beautiful mountain has really gone downhill. It’s so sad that they continue to build, build, build like there is no tomorrow. And maybe there is no tomorrow for some unlucky driver as it’s really a crapshoot nowadays. Okay rant over.

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