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Summer In The Suburbs: Moraga


Overheard in Moraga today as youngsters debated chalking a message on a town sidewalk: “I don’t think we better, they might have security cameras.”


    • Whoa. Yes. That whole, pallid “welcome to the post-Columbine World… thing. ” Definitely in a “New Normal.”

  1. Was at Rock N Jump in Brentwood earlier…overheard part of a convo with a couple 6ish? girls. “You seriously have some issues”. WTH?!?

  2. I am happy to see this. Most Moraga residents are confronting heel callouses and crepey skins issues, well, after serious sinkhole concerns, of course. More importantly, did you sit and watch the sunset colors tonight. You have take in what Mother Nature gives. It was quite a sight. It changes eternally, and it is not always so good.

  3. Guess we were lucky growing up in the Golden Years — no helmets, injury waivers, seat belts and plenty of forbidden foods. We turned out OK too.

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