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Two-Alarm Grass Fire Brews Up Atop Buckingham Drive in Moraga; Some Evacuations Underway

Photo: Hannah Preece

Firefighters worked to get ahead of a fast-moving blaze reported at the top of Buckingham Drive in Moraga Monday, evacuating some neighbors from their homes as the fire pushed up the hillside.

Traffic was stopped on Moraga Road as fire apparatus attempted to access the fire scene via Buckingham. Fire commanders estimated that about 10 acres of grassland had burned shortly after the blaze was reported at 1:38 p.m.

Photo: Danny May

A second alarm was called and additional resources summoned at 2:17 p.m. By 3 p.m. two helicopters and 5 air tankers were on the scene and pouncing on the fire lines.

Evacuations were conducted from some 20 residences on Buckingham and Natalie drives and so far it appears to be holding there though the fire is expected to spread, burning to the northeast.

Moraga police are attempting to clear civilian traffic from the area and are asking people to avoid using Moraga Road, with PG&E called on to restore some surface plating to Saint Mary’s Road – which has been under construction these last few weeks – so people can leave on that road.

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Fire investigators have determined that the fire was accidentally caused buy equipment working in the area.


    • Way too early to tell, Alice, but we don’t think so. Definitely going to need a new paint job though!

  1. Thanks for keep us in the loop. Pls report as often as you can. I know I speak for the Bay Area in saying, Thank YOU!

    • One across Moraga Road behind Campo, and we believe there was one near today’s site but a while back… a biggie.

  2. At work. Getting the alerts and had 5 coworkers (only one of whom lives in Moraga) gathered around!! Great way to make new friends!

    • We’re all about making new friends. Now, if we can just find a way to work your post into our advertising campaign!

  3. Thank you for your posts. Thanks to Lamorinda Fire, Con Fire, Moraga Police, Lafayette police, all helicopter crews and PG&E for all their help this afternoon with both the fire and traffic.

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