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Suspected Coffeehouse Laptop Thieves Arrested In Dublin; Charged Monday

Left: Adam Uzelac, right: Khan Roadwall. Photo: Dublin PD

On Saturday, May 30, 2018, a victim had a laptop computer forcefully stolen while he sat inside the Starbucks located in the Hacienda Crossings Shopping Center at 4930 Dublin Boulevard.

A similar theft occurred again on June 6 and June 8, 2018 at Starbucks locations in Hacienda Crossings and the Persimmon Place Shopping Center at 5138 Dublin Boulevard.

With assistance from witnesses and video surveillance, Dublin police investigators were able to identify 18-year-old Adam Uzelac and 18-year-old Khan Roadwall as the subjects responsible for the robberies.

On Friday, June 15, both Uzelac and Roadwall were located at their residences in Dublin and Pleasanton and placed under arrest. Search warrants were executed at both residences, where additional evidence, including one of the stolen laptops, was located.

Today, Monday, June 18,  the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office reviewed this investigation and charged both Uzelac and Roadwall with numerous felony counts of robbery and grand theft.

Dublin Police would like to thank the community for providing eyewitness accounts, without which these crimes may have never been solved.


  1. I’m glad they were arrested, but leave your laptops at home. Starbucks doesn’t want your loitering for hours. You’re taking up a seat from the next paying customer, and probably not leaving a tip.

    • Oh, really? Starbucks just had a lot of free advertising (unwanted) about this exact same topic! Guess what…. they also had company wide training on the subject and it turns out….they do want you to loiter and hang out and even use the bathrooms, without buying anything!! Go figure.

      • They’re in the business to make money, and they don’t want to lose customers. They’re also avoiding a discrimination lawsuit (the African American gentleman). I’m in a position where I have to make these “PC professional decisions” myself. Have a nice day…

  2. I bought a household coffeemaker – saving so much money! And you generally don’t have to worry about someone creeping up and taking your stuff!

  3. Nice work! If first offense (sounds like it might not be), I give them six months in jail. In the rare cases where these crimes are solved with solid evidence, the perps need to do jail time, IMHO.

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