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Pair Of Visitors Pay Surprise Visit To Walnut Creek Home; Get Warm Welcome From WCPD/Martinez Police Dog

Photo: WCPD

Police in Walnut Creek said an alert resident heard the sound of glass breaking in the area of Mandarin Lane in their city late Thursday night and dialed police to pass along what they’d heard.

Responding officers determined that two men, later identified as Travis Henry, 29, and Aaron Vansickle, 42, both visiting the East Bay from San Francisco, had allegedly broken in a neighborhood home and were ultimately given a police escort to the Martinez Detention Facility.

Police said Henry was taken into custody almost immediately after police established a perimeter in the neighborhood, his companion allegedly fleeing upstairs in the targeted house before a canine team on loan from Martinez was able to flush him out of hiding.

Both men were arrested for burglary.

Police credited the alert neighbor for supplying them with the information they needed to find and identify the pair, and thanked Martinez for the use of their dog unit in helping to make the arrest.


  1. Welcome to Walnut Creek – leave your fingerprints with the booking sergeant and don’t let the K9 bite you in the ass on your way out of town.

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