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Hillside Blaze On Rancho Del Hambre Extinguished In Lafayette; Homes From Reliez Valley To Rancho Del Hambre Evacuated

Photo: ConFire PIO

UPDATE: Fire extinguished at 4:15 p.m. Firefighters remaining on scene for mop-op operations. Residents evacuated to Acalanes High. All Clear given at 6:52 p.m., residents may return to their homes. Fire Marshal Robert Marshall said Wednesday that “improperly discarded smoking materials” caused the blaze, which did $75,000 in damage – mostly to what Marshall called a “small house” on Del Hambre.

ORIGINAL STORY: Firefighters turned out in force to combat a fast-moving vegetation fire behind 1520 Rancho del Hambre in Lafayette Tuesday.

Neighbors in the area report heavy smoke in the area and a heavy fire response up their narrow street. The blaze was reported shortly before 3:30 p.m.

Much of the area has been sealed off to all but emergency vehicles.

One person is believed to have requested treatment for possible smoke inhalation, one outbuilding was believed destroyed and homes from Reliez Valley Road to Rancho del Hambre have been evacuated.

Getting multiple calls from neighbors in the area. We’ll provide street by street updates via our Flash Alerts and on this page.


    • Just spoke with my mom who lives on Silver Dell. The fire is contained but the area is going to continue to be evacuated for a few hours while the smoke settles. She was uncertain if any homes were damaged.

      • Lost a shed, apparently, and one or two homes may have had their paint bubbled… waiting for a final tally but crews putting out all the embers right now.

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