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Two Cars Damaged By “Explosive Device” In Danville Parking Lot Sunday


Danville police are investigating the apparent detonation of an “explosive device” in the parking lot of the Smart & Final store, 460 Diablo Road, on Sunday, May 27 of this month. The store is located in the Green Valley Shopping Center.

The incident was reported at 7:12 p.m. that evening, according to town spokesman Geoff Gillette, and two cars sustained damage when the device – of unknown type – detonated.

There were no initial reports of injuries, where the “device” was placed or how it was detonated. There was also nothing to tie the explosion to the numerous reports of a loud explosion in Lafayette early the following morning.

That incident was reported to us by several neighbors who reported hearing a “substantial blast” which shook the neighborhood around 2 a.m.

We’ll have more on this story as additional details become available.


    • Keeping our suspicious little minds open and drawing no connections, Daniel, until we can do it with confidence!

    • Possible, perhaps even likely given the descriptions of the explosions we’ve gotten. However, we haven’t seen the evidence.

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