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Suspected Shoplifters Flee After Crash On Stone Valley Rd. Monday – Three In Custody

Photo: Nellie Rahimzadeh

Police are searching the area of Stone Valley Road and Highway 680 after a single-car crash sent the occupants of the car fleeing in separate directions.

At least two people have been detained so far, and a ground crew is underway for another man seen running from the area.

The accident was reported at around 6:25 a.m., shortly after a carload of suspected shoplifters sped away from San Ramon police officers after the theft of power tools from the Home Depot store, a short chase developing before their car crashed into a power box – darkening much of the immediate neighborhood.

UPDATE: Citizens calling to report police taking someone into custody near the sound wall at Livorna Road. 8 a.m. More than $4,000 worth of power tools were returned to the Home Depot store by police.


  1. Fine upstanding members of society — ruining it for everyone else one blackout at a time.

  2. Maybe if they’re willing to get up that early they could go to work somewhere. No.

  3. Well since they stole over $950 worth, they won’t get the prop 47 free pass from jail. They’ll probably serve a few weeks in jail. Our California judges have endless comparison for this type. (misguided, if you ask me, as it’s not helping the criminal, nor society)

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