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Suspects In Pleasant Hill Murder Arrested – Alleged Gunman Flees After Cross-State, 120mph Pursuit


Investigators tracking a man believed linked to the April 7 robbery leading to the murder of Oshry Elor, 23, of Pleasant Hill got the break they were looking for Monday when police in Arizona attempted to stop a car carrying Luther Lee, 24, of Columbus, Georgia, on Interstate 40.

Arizona State Troopers spotted the car Lee was reportedly traveling in and conducted a traffic stop, according to information released by police in Pleasant Hill. During the stop, Lee and two others exited the car and Lee was arrested on an outstanding warrant previously obtained by Pleasant Hill Police Detectives.

A remaining occupant, later identified as Keith Jones, 29, of Cusseta Georgia, fled in the car with Arizona State Troopers in pursuit for approximately 90 miles at speeds in excess of 120 mph. Jones’ vehicle tires were deflated with the use of a spike strip after crossing the New Mexico state border, police said, and Jones was then taken into custody without further incident.

Pleasant Hill Police detectives on Tuesday identified Jones as the gunman who shot Elor multiple times during a “marijuana deal gone bad” at a home on Norse Drive. Elor, a long-time resident of Pleasant Hill and former College Park High School football player, died despite life-saving efforts to save him at the scene.

Pleasant Hill police said they will seek charges of murder with special circumstances enhancements, robbery, burglary and conspiracy against Jones, with Lee facing conspiracy to commit robbery and murder charges. The two additional occupants in the vehicle were not charged with a crime and were released from custody, according to police.

Jones, is currently being held at the McKinley County Adult Detention Center in New Mexico. Lee is being held at the Navajo County Detention Center in Arizona.

Anyone with further information is encouraged to contact the Pleasant Hill Police Department at (925)288-4600.


  1. Did they get away with any grass or did they just end up running for the border? It sounds like a man died for nothing.

  2. It’s pretty clear that a lot of these formerly low level criminals are joining up with each other to form ciriminal enterprises. That home burglary ring in San Francisco seems like an example of this trend with members coming from all over the Bay area.

  3. From what I’m reading on another blog, Lee is from Columbus, but currently living in Sacramento according to his FB. Jones is a FB friend from Cusseta. Lee’s FB has gang language and gang signs. Maybe it’s gang related.

  4. So sick of this. Walnut Creek police running around looking for someone right now. This is getting absurd.

  5. Georgia. New Mexico. Arizona. Pleasant Hill. Is that the Republic of Georgia? “Cusseta” isn’t exactly Atlanta or Savannah.

  6. My neighbor (the lawyer) gets his pot delivered. I didn’t know people still sold it out of their homes these days.

  7. According to PHPD, it was a planned marijuana sale. If FB was involved, maybe he was advertising his drug sales on social media. According to his neighbors, there’s been drug activity at that house for over a year. If one guy had a gun, it sounds like it was a planned robbery. Who knows if the murder was planned.

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