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CHP Arrests Alleged DUI Driver On Murder Charge

Photo: CHP

From the Contra Costa County CHP office:

On 3/23/18, at about 11:43pm, a two vehicle crash occurred on SR-4 eastbound, just west of Willow Pass Road, causing major injuries to the parties in a Ford Escape. The party from the other vehicle, a Ford Transit, was not injured. The two female passengers from the Escape were transported to John Muir Walnut Creek with major injuries. The driver of the Escape, Jose Amaya-Rivera-DOB-04/08/1977, was also transported to John Muir hospital for his injuries and was also placed under arrest for FELONY DUI, causing major injuries to his passengers. He remained under hospital care due to his injuries.

On 3/30/18, tragically one of the female passengers from the Escape died from her injuries. A warrant was issued for Amaya-Rivera and upon his medical release from the hospital yesterday, 4/7/18, he was promptly placed under arrest at 2:26pm for the charges of 187(a) PC – Murder, 2 counts of Felony DUI – 23153(a)VC, 23153(b)VC, and 14601.5(a)VC-Driving with a suspended driver license for prior DUI and was booked into the Martinez Detention Facility.

All too often DUI driving ends in tragedy, affecting many different families. With so many options to safely get home nowadays, DUI driving is totally unacceptable and 100% preventable. Please make the right decision and NEVER DRIVE IMPAIRED.


  1. This just enrages me. There’s no such thing as justice. A person is dead and another injured and you’ve done it before bucket head. I’d say enjoy your time in prison but these days you never know if he’ll be back on the road soon or not.

  2. If he’s driving on a suspended license with a prior DUI, he’s past the age of young partying. He’s probably an alcoholic, and nothing will get through to him except life in prison. Enjoy.

  3. Put a problem drinker in a rocket and he is going to crash. Allow him to keep getting into the rocket and he is going to continue doing what he does. We are doing nothing to fix the problem.

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