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Neither Rain, Nor Motion Sensors, Nor Lack Of Trunk Space Deter These San Ramon Package Thieves


San Ramon police and Windemere residents uploading video of nocturnal activities in the neighborhood overnight.

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  1. Never leave packages on your porch, or mail in your box overnight!
    That is when the criminals slider out from under their rocks to do their deeds.
    A policeman once told me that the only people out at 3AM ‘are cops and crooks’

    • @GregT – “… and reporters who stayed past ‘Last Call.'” But that was in the Bad Old Days. Much better now.

  2. This doesn’t make any sense. Who leaves large packages on their porch overnight? And how many package thieves are working at 3:38 a.m. (in the rain) in San Ramon in a Mercedes? It’s a dead end street, so it’s not like he was just driving by. It’s like he knew the package was there.

    • @Danielle – In response to the first part of your question, apparently quite a lot of folks leave their packages outside for some time and we know this due to the large number of thefts of said packages lately. As for the second half of your question, these folks work rain or shine and we are following up on leads that they are tipped to the presence of packages by others.

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