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San Ramon PD Chases Down Suspected Car Thief Saturday


Neighbors on Davona Drive wanted to know why a man was running through their yards – with police close on his heels – early Saturday morning, and we gave them what news we could at that hour despite the fluidity of the situation.

Turns out police locked onto a car stolen from the Hyatt House at around 7:29 a.m., the car leaving the area and steering southbound on I680.

Lt. Cary Goldberg tells us an officer picked up the vehicle at Alcosta Blvd as it was exiting the freeway.  The car’s driver failed to yield to the officer at Gateway Center and a pursuit was initiated, Goldberg said, with the car fleeing eastbound on Alcosta to northbound Brockton and then west to Madelia Pl. – which dead ends.

Goldberg said the suspect, subsequently identified as Robert Reem, 21, of Santa Clara, abandoned the car and fled – jumping fences and crossing Davona Dr. until he was found and arrested at gunpoint on Kent Place.

No injuries were reported to the officers or the suspect, Goldberg said.


  1. What….. Does every shopping center, parking garage and venue
    in our area have some out of area thug lurking around it, waiting.to pounce? Seems to be with the news is reporting lately.

    • @Greg T – Well, Greg, Lamorinda PDs just took down a suspected shoplifter after a foot chase near Orinda BART tonight. (10:10 p.m.)

    • @Kelly – Hi and good morning. We “Flashed” that one. Yesterday was an active day but believe that was the discharge of a firearm from one apartment to another.

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