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Walnut Creek Police Investigate Shooting Incident, Seal Off Candelero Drive At Treat Blvd.

Access to Candelero Drive from Treat Boulevard was restricted as police processed the scene.

Walnut Creek police appear to be investigating a shooting incident reported in the area of Candelero and Treat sometime this morning.

The intersection was sealed off for some time but residents report those restrictions are easing as police wind down their investigation. A canine search team was also reportedly called in to search for either another party or evidence connected to the incident, neighbors reported.

WCPD Sgt. David Rangel confirmed that a man was hit by gunfire and arrived at John Muir Hospital at approximately 9:40 a.m., though police would not say if the man arrived under his own power or if someone else drove him. Rangel said detectives were trying to determine if the gunfire occurred in the area of Candelero and Treat or in some other part of town, adding details were sparse but that there was no immediate threat to public safety.

It was not immediately known if the car in the picture played any part in this morning’s incident, though that area was sealed off and processed by detectives and crime scene technicians after the shooting was reported.

Witnesses at a local hospital where the male victim was treated described a hectic scene after his arrival, with police officers and detectives attempting to determine what had transpired, barring a woman and child who arrived and attempted to speak with the wounded man.


    • @MarynJoe – We have that and other questions, MJ, but have yet to get any answers as police are not talking about this one. And, yes, that’s just piques our interest.

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