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Lone Gunman Robs Moraga Safeway Thursday


Moraga police are investigating an armed robbery at the Moraga Safeway store on Moraga Way Thursday, asking for anyone who may have witnessed the crime to contact their agency with that information.

Police said a lone, masked gunman entered the store at approximately 7:55 p.m., pointed a gun at a clerk and demanded money. The suspect took the cash drawer, police said, and fled to a silver vehicle parked outside. That car was last seen on Moraga Way headed towards Orinda.

Suspect Description
Unknown race male, mid-20s, approximately 5’11” and wearing a black ski mask, black sweatshirt and dark pants.

It is not known if there was a second person waiting in the car outside.


  1. I thought they just stole Tide and Pampers. Does Safeway even carry much cash? I haven’t paid in cash at a grocery store in years. No, I’m not one of those people who writes a check. I use my Visa.

    • @Chris – We are certain Mr. Nicholson meant to say it was a poor choice of store to rob as the story, itself, was brilliant! (Actually, we know full well it was a short news blat about an incident of wide interest to the citizenry in Moraga, who don’t like their checkers getting robbed).

  2. Businesses off the freeway will get hit more often, but some criminals prefer to “blend in.” He got away, didn’t he? Unfortunately.

  3. I know we probably all though it was a criminal coming thru the Tunnel, but maybe, just maybe it was an Orinda crook who just disappeared into the neighborhoods?

  4. This couldn’t happen in Lafayette. The lines are almost always 4 people deep. Too many witnesses.

    They also need those Wal Mart parking lot cameras. Man, they can see you pick your nose while just pulling into its parking lot.

    • @Tom – We’ll forgive the Nose Mining imagery there, Tom (ewwww), but we get you. You may want to check out our Facebook page for the latest shenanigans at Lafayette Safeway. One of those witnesses you mention came through for the store today. Cheers!

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