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Weary Of Your Neighbor’s Talking Rudolph? Hold Your Blaster Fire, Luke – The Powells Are At It Again!


As Holiday fixtures go you have your Bobbing Head Rudolph, the Waving Santa you bought for $59.99 down at OSH and plugged in yourself. Then you have the 700-pound scale replica of the Millenium Falcon Lafayette Space Cadet Colby Powell built for his family and hoisted atop his roof with help of a crane.

So far, we’re hearing the neighborhood approves of the structure – which the Powells started in late September and finished by their designated Star Date: Halloween.

One-upping themselves from the replica of the Death Star (haw, ptui, soooo last Millenium) they craned up onto their roof over the Holidays last year, the Star Wars-loving Powells have everything but a functioning pulse cannon up there – the Powell kids getting major Christmas Cred at school these days.

Will The Powell Falcon spark an inter-suburban Space Race? Are rumors that the Powells’ neighbors are building a fleet of Tie Fighters to meet their Falcon in roof-to-roof combat true? Wait and see, Luke, wait and see. The Force is strong and moves in mysterious ways.


  1. Speaking of cool, you can be cool and not irritate the heck out of your neighbors. Some people have more consideration for their neighbors than others. And some people are more mature. Our neighbors think I’m “okay with Airbnb.” Really? I maintain “healthy relationships” in real life.

    I don’t believe for a minute all his neighbors are okay with this. I think they’re being tactful. There’s a difference. I know what street this is on – I’ll leave it at that.

  2. Yeh pretty cool but if I lived next door and it was beeping and stuff I would get pretty tired of it!

  3. Things only irritate you if you let them. In the spirit of the holidays, I’d hope these neighbors can enjoy a bit of frivolity.

  4. With all due respect to the Powell family, when I was a grad student (in Los Angeles) I had a neighbor who went “out of his way to decorate for Christmas.” I thought it was awesome! I love the holidays! Until I couldn’t drive into my own neighborhood (after work) because of the traffic nightmare it created. I parked my car a few blocks away (at night) and had to go back and get my (by myself – at night) to avoid a long wait on my own street. I knew what time the traffic died down. I never said anything to anyone. It wouldn’t have gone over very well. I didn’t want to keep my car on the streets of LA – I wanted it in my garage – not stolen.

    For every person who notifies their neighbors when remodeling to “keep the peace” there will always be neighbors who don’t think outside of the box and keep their neighbors in consideration.

    And, yes, this will create a traffic situation.

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