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Car Stolen At Palos Verdes Mall Touches Off Two-County Pursuit, Arrest

Photo: File

A car thief who made off with a bright red Chevy Equinox from Walnut Creek’s Palos Verdes Mall found himself the object of police attention during an ensuing high-speed pursuit down Interstate 680, a secondary attempted carjacking and his eventual arrest in Hayward.

This site began following the daylight chase shortly after news of the theft began to spread at roughly 11:50 a.m. Witnesses reported a “heavy set” Hispanic male making off with the car at about that time, quickly steering onto southbound I680 and – after some maneuvering on local surface streets – out westbound Highway 580 and eventually into Hayward.

Police said the unidentified car thief crashed or incapacitated the Equinox on a Hayward street and, as a TV news crew recorded from a helicopter hovering over the scene, jumped like a stagecoach robber onto the trunk of a white BMW convertible that had pulled alongside.

The thief clambered into the backseat and apparently attempted to gain control of the car from the 26-year-old driver, who opted to drive the car a short distance before officers were able to stop the BMW and make the arrest.

Remarkably, no one was seriously hurt during the incident.


  1. You can’t make these stories up. Straight out of the movies. All that’s missing is the damsel in distress…

    • @Danielle – Chase through the 24/680 aside, we have to say it was pretty stunning to watch this guy jump from his incapacitated car to the BMW and try to assume control.

  2. Shouldn’t that Chevy have had ‘Onstar’ ? Mine does and I can track the car, on my cell phone. Or if stolen, OnStar helps the police track it and they can even turn the car off.

  3. thanks for flash. my phone went off and I heard the sirens afterward!!!! did not see them go by but he had to be moving.

  4. We were on 680 North when they came down the other direction. My wife got your news alert on her phone as we were scratching our heads. Thanks!!!!

  5. Insane. You have to wonder if they have any idea or care how many people they are putting at risk when they pull this stuff. Idiots.

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