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Deputy Opens Fire On Suspect In Pacheco Saturday; Two Injured In Ensuing Chase


Two people were treated for minor injuries suffered after a wrong-way chase ended in a head-on crash on the flyover from northbound I680 to Pacheco Boulevard at around 9:45 p.m. Saturday.

In a statement released Sunday, a sheriff’s spokesman reported that deputies were dispatched to a suspicious circumstance/possible burglary call in the area of Actriz Avenue and Arther Road in unincorporated Martinez.

Deputies conducted an area check of the residence but did not find any evidence of a burglary, investigators said, though a stolen vehicle was found parked near the residence. When the vehicle left the area, deputies attempted to stop it but were unable to as the driver sped away, leading police on a pursuit through the surrounding neighborhood.
The suspect pulled into a gas station on Arthur Road and, as deputies exited their vehicles to conduct a high-risk car stop, allegedly rammed a patrol car. One deputy fired two rounds at the suspect, who drove towards I680. The suspect was not struck by the gunfire, according to the sheriff’s spokesman.
The suspect, later identified as 34-year-old Joey Carroll of Pittsburg, allegedly drove the wrong way on the freeway off-ramp before colliding with another vehicle. The suspect was taken into custody at that time, police said, with both the suspect and the driver of the second car suffering minor injuries. Both were taken to local hospitals to be checked.
Police said Carroll was booked into the Martinez Detention Facility on numerous charges – stolen vehicle, possession of stolen property, evading causing injury, evading while driving the wrong way, assault with a deadly weapon, resisting, and probation violation.


  1. I bet you this Thug was already wanted on a warrant or out on parole. When are you Californians going to wake up and say enough is enough ..criminals belong in jail where they can be both punished and rehabilitated not just let free continually

  2. I believe the officer has to believe that s/he or others are in imminent danger before firing at a vehicle. You can’t just shoot at a fleeing vehicle with suspect inside at least not lawfully. Must have been provoked.

  3. Cops, like all other citizens, may only use deadly force in self-defense or defense of others. Cops are never allowed to use deadly force “offensively” outside the self-defense umbrella.

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