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Hellooo, Mr. Rattler! Leaving Lafayette Soon?

Archive photo of sizable rattler spotted in Lafayette a while back. Photo: Kim Curiel

Some neighbors in Lafayette are keeping a close eye on a very healthy, apparently well-fed rattlesnake chowing down on the Vole population near their home.

We’re not giving the precise location to protect both the animal and the homeowners but we would like to say they are to be praised for their level-headed approach to the presence of this Northern Pacific Critter and are studying him – from afar.

Re-location effort underway.


    • @David – So do we. Mr. Rattler looks like he hasn’t been missing many meals. But then again, we’ve seen what voles can do to a garden so it’s all fair in love and war!

  1. @david – I read your reply in my best Mr. T. voice…

    Glad they let the snake do its thing, and are escorting it off the property without harm…

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