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Walnut Creek City Worker Saves Tree-Topping Kitty Cat!

Risking life and limb - and a scratch or two, Walnut Creek city worker George Fields plucks a kitten from a tree Tuesday.

There was a bit of aerial derring-do on N. Main Street in Walnut Creek Tuesday as kind-hearted onlookers discussed the best ways to bring down a mewling scaredy cat who had sought refuge in the top of a tree.

Fire Department passed. The Old Tuna Can at the bottom of the Tree, Leave Cat Alone Plan was discussed and abandoned, and then city worker George Fields of Public Works came along and brought things to a safe conclusion.

A nice end to a traditional small-town story, and we’ll take that during a hard news cycle.


  1. This made my day! As kindhearted as the Fire Department always was – I believe city workers should handle this. Trees are in the city – and kitties are “residents” of the city. Their “parents” are taxpayers. The Fire Department handles fires.

    Thank you George! You’re a hero!

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