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BART Police Investigating Thursday Night Strongarm Robbery At Orinda Station Parking Lot

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BART police confirmed Friday that they are investigating the robbery of a man who told officers he was walking to his car in the central parking lot of Orinda station at 11:23 p.m. Thursday when he was approached by two men in their early 20s who asked him “for a ride” before knocking him to the ground and taking his duffle bag.

Lt. Kevin Franklin said the two suspects, described only as black males, fled the area in a black Jeep Cherokee – in contradiction to their request for a ride from the victim.

Minor injuries for the victim (apparently a sprained ankle). Lt. Franklin said anyone who witnessed the crime or was in the area at the time and who may have seen the suspect vehicle is asked to call investigators at 510.464.7040.

No monetary loss was given.


  1. I have made that walk to my car at that hour and you are always wondering who is around. I hope they find them.

  2. As cautious as I am, I still feel safe at Orinda BART, or for that matter, any BART station. Even when I’m by myself at night. Criminals look for easy prey.

    I don’t believe for a minute that crime is up. What’s up is EXPOSURE. We have the opportunity to read about. comment. share, tweet. etc. thanks to the internet and social media.

    If this is scaring you (I’m afraid to take BART) scale back your news coverage. For those of us who can keep an even keel… keep reading.

    You have to keep things in perspective. There will always be crime, but if you can’t handle knowing it exists, you have your choices.

    I hope they find the suspects, and I hope he’s okay.

  3. Are crimes on BART increasing, or is there an increase in reporting the crime? Crimes will always be underreported.

    BART doesn’t have the funding for parking lot escorts. If you know you’ll be coming home late at night by yourself, and you don’t feel comfortable walking – you’re better off driving.

  4. Please stay on alert for BART’s imminent announcement on the results of their thorough investigation, and the capture of the suspects. Any day now, justice will be served. And patrons of Orinda BART can once again feel safe. Pretty soon.

    • @Scott – Are you playing with us or are you being straight? We’re short-tempered because the lights keep going off and there’s news breaking out. Another strong arm robbery in Walnut Creek tonight.

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