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Orinda Gets A New Ss… Ssss… Sink Hole On Miner Road; Closure Planned Tuesday Night

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The folks at Orinda Public Works have confirmed reports we were getting this evening of a new sink hole making an appearance on Miner Road Tuesday.

Director of Public Works and Engineering Services Larry Theis said the depression is small compared to its cousins down the road and in Moraga, this one about three feet deep and three feet in diameter.

Nevertheless, crews will be backfilling the hole Tuesday night in an effort to get the roadway passable again. Miner Road between Oak Arbor Road and Camino Sobrante (currently part of the Miner Road Sink Hole Detour Route) will be closed through the evening and will be reopened as soon as possible, according to Theis.

The Manzanita Road/Camino Don Miguel detour will be closed Tuesday night, with drivers asked to use the Camino Sobrante detour route.

Theis says his folks are working hard to fill in the new arrival and get things back in order.


    • @David – This guy is a diminutive interloper, approx. 3’x3′ deep. Public Works bringing in the stuff to fill him in. Hopefully, this one won’t be around long enough to name. Work should be completed tonight…

    • @Matt – We NEVER… well, yeah, we joke a lot… but not about Sink Holes. This one is a little guy, though.

  1. That whole area is going to subside and the ghosts of Indigenous Peoples are going to rise up and reclaim the Country Club. Hey, I’ve seen Poltergeist!

  2. I don’t know, that’s what the governor of Atlantis said, and he is no longer giving interviews. His parting words were “no more dirt”.

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