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“Bearded” Bank Robber Was Formerly On The Other Side Of The Law



Police in Los Angeles and Placentia, California have confirmed that McClary worked for LAPD from February 2006 to May 2008, and was an officer with Placentia police in Orange County from 2008 and 2010.

She was terminated before the end of her probationary period with the Placentia Police Department for not meeting probationary standards, a police spokesperson said.

UPDATING at 4:46 p.m. Tuesday with arrest of Danville woman:

Danville Police arrested a 36 year old woman in connection with the Tuesday morning robbery of Bank of the West.

According to Police Chief Steve Simpkins, at approximately 9:10 a.m., the suspect, later identified as Jennifer Rae McClary, 36, Danville, entered the branch office at 307 Diablo Road. McClary then reportedly handed the teller a note demanding money. No weapon was displayed during the crime. McClary fled the bank on foot and was last seen near the intersection of El Pintado Road and Diablo Road.

An investigation of the incident by Danville Police detectives led to McClary’s arrest. She was taken into custody and booked at the Martinez Detention Facility on charges of robbery and possession of a controlled substance. 

For more information, contact Det. Sgt. Brian Sliger at (925) 314-3700 or bsliger@danville.ca.gov.

Original Story:

Danville police, aided by resources from neighboring jurisdictions, are continuing their search (10:25 a.m.) for a female bank robber who entered the Diablo Road Bank of the West branch at 307 Diablo Road and handed a teller a note demanding money.

The woman, described as white, in her 20s, thin build, wearing a flatbrim baseball cap with “Cali” and a sticker on it, carrying a camouflage backpack walked out of the bank and has yet to be located, police said.

She escaped with an undetermined amount of money. Danville police issued the following release at 11:30 a.m:

Danville Police are looking for any information regarding a suspect who robbed the Bank of the West Danville branch Tuesday morning.

According to Police Chief Steve Simpkins, at approximately 9:10 a.m., a suspect entered the branch office at 307 Diablo Road. The suspect handed the teller a note demanding money. The suspect is described as white,  5’ 08”, slender build, with what appeared to be a painted on beard, wearing black pants, black shirt and a camouflage backpack. After the robbery, the suspect fled the building and was last seen heading north on El Pintado Road near the intersection with Diablo Road.

Any person with information on the suspect or the incident is encouraged to contact the Danville Police Department immediately at (925) 820-2144.


    • @Tim – We definitely took note! To us it suggested a rare uncertainty. Doesn’t happen often but apparently there are circumstances in play in this case.

  1. This looks like man (News 24/680 Facebook pictures). Men are more likely to rob a bank, wear a baseball cap and carry a backpack. The hair is very short. Women carry a purse.

    So I googled it. Danville Patch is describing the suspect as a 5’8 slim build man in his 20s.

    As a former bank employee while away at college in Los Angeles (and a very perceptive person) – what did it for me was the “fake attitude.” Pretending to be a “woman with an attitude” – where a man would “just stand there.”

    Also – no chest. Nice try bro…

    • @Danielle – Mmm, okay. With all due respect to the source you name we would ask where they got that as the police very carefully left out any reference to gender at all (see our story for their release). You bring up some good reasons to believe it so, but we have learned to reserve judgment based on appearances… certainly based on some grainy surveillance photos. We believe the “female” conclusion was made by those who came into contact with him/her, were able to make additional observations at the time we’re not currently privy to and while we’re always ready to be surprised we’re going with that at this time.

  2. News24/680… I have no idea where they got that, but East Bay Times is reporting the suspect as a male too.

    As a veteran journalist, perhaps you know the answer to your own question? If the police left out gender, do journalists go with their own opinion?

    Journalism runs in my Dad’s family (newspaper owners, authors, Pulitzer prize winners, editors, etc.) but we don’t talk about the business, except telling my family “you have an exciting career.”

    I think the media rocks!

    • @Danielle – We think you rock. We’re holding to our initial belief on this one, proving perhaps that we’re obstinate, at least, and that that characteristic is part of our nature. Perhaps it shows that we’re not afraid to stand alone! We leave it to everyone else to decide but that’s where we’re at and we’ve had no information to shift our position.

  3. It can be hard to tell sometimes. And if they are deliberately trying to throw someone off it can be harder. Looks like a really skinny guy to me but I remember that murder case in Berkeley where things didn’t appear as they seemed.

  4. Love how you proved yourself to the doubters! I never doubted the boys club who knows a woman’s stance when they see it. Good job!

  5. That was fast – I’m glad she was arrested. I stand corrected. Great job News24/680 – sticking to your guns!

    I don’t feel badly for bank robbers, but I feel sorry for anyone who’s gender isn’t blatantly obvious. How sad.

  6. “I don’t feel badly for bank robbers, but I feel sorry for anyone who’s gender isn’t blatantly obvious. How sad.”
    It can be a sad scenario to be in a minority position in a tribal world. The smaller and less understood the minority, the greater the fear and oppression. I would not want to be a Christian in Pakistan, a gay boy in evangelical Christian bible camp in Missouri, or a transgender in Texas just hoping to get through one more day at school. That DOES call for compassion, but it also calls for us to be strong voices on their behalf, lest the fear-mongers and bigots prevail.

  7. Who knew women could pose as men? Disney?…Mulan? Radical, in your face, feminist activist Walt Disney world enterprises. lol. The more I think about it the more it cracks me up.

  8. Tom, I can disguise myself all I want – I still look like a WOMAN. My husband at 6’2 – 215 – very muscular… when I get home from work, he better still be a MAN. If not, we’re both in for a rude awakening.

    Most people can’t “fool others” with their gender. The adams apple on a man will separate the two.

  9. We watched this develop yesterday because we got the news alert and saw other news outlets arrive at the wrong conclusion while this site called it from the beginning. What was even more interesting to us is how they stuck to their story even while a lot of people questioned it. Confidence. Very impressive. Good job.

  10. She was arrested with a controlled substance. I believe her “issue” is drug addiction. Her skinniness and desperation for cash.

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