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San Ramon Teen Arrested After Early-Morning Pursuit Wednesday


A 15-year-old San Ramon youth was arrested after a high-speed pursuit and brief foot chase ended on Deerwood Place at approximately 12:15 a.m. Wednesday.

San Ramon Police Lt. Denton Carlson reported that one of the department’s officers “got a hit on his automated license plate reader (ALPR) of a stolen vehicle,” reported stolen out of Hercules on April 22. The car, a Dodge Stratus, fled when the officer tried to stop it and after running several stop signs and blowing through several red lights, ran into a curb on Deerwood Place.

Carlson said the impact flattened the front tires of the car, which ultimately came to rest against some bushes. The driver fled on foot but was “quickly caught,” according to Carlson.

There were no injuries, according to police. The driver of the car, a 15-year-old from San Ramon, was booked at juvenile hall for Vehicle Theft, Evading, Possession of Stolen Property, and resisting arrest.


  1. Seems like early intervention is written all over this one.

    If a 15 year old is written off, do we assume everyone is?

  2. Not everyone can be saved from a life of crime. If that’s the case, there wouldn’t be anyone behind prison walls. I’ve accepted the fact that some people lack the desire, skills and mental wherewithal to become productive members of society. In their mind crime pays – and it does – until you’re caught. And the taxpayers end up paying for it.

    You can “try” to save every kid, but unless that kid has a desire to go straight, you’re wasting your time.

    Let’s “give them one thousand dollars” like they did in Richmond. That worked out well…

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