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Tesla, Prius Go Head To Head In Lafayette – No Fissionable Reaction

Is this what they meant by Fusion of Technologies? Photo: Midnight Rider

After they rushed to help, onlookers couldn’t help but notice the irony – with two leaders of electric car technology meeting in a grinding crash at Dewing and Bickerstaff in Lafayette this afternoon.

Minor injuries, but there were reports of a bolt of electricity passing from car to car upon impact. We’re kidding, of course.


  1. Tony, maybe I’ll get in the Bolt, and collide with your Volt, and if we’re lucky, leave no LEAF unturned.
    After that, perhaps a quick round of eGolf?

  2. @G.F.: You have a Bolt? What to you think of the seats? I test drove one and was scared off by the funky seats, which I found uncomfortable.

  3. Well played, G.F.!

    Looks like the Tesla at a substantially higher weight (and frame strength) got the better of the encounter.

    • @Paul – It does and we thought the same, though we don’t know the speed of either vehicle at the time of their meeting. But, yep, the Pree-I looks like it got the worst of it. Glad both drivers were able to walk away.

  4. @Chris,

    We actually have a ’16 Volt Premier, and love it. The Bolt wasn’t available a year ago, when our already-extended LEAF lease was over. Needing more range on account of my wife having to visit remote clinics, the Volt was the obvious choice. We’d have gone for the Bolt if it had been available, though. I didn’t find the seats off putting when I test drove one, though. Then again, I found the seats in my ’73 VW Thing to be quite comfortable, enough for several X-Country trips!

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