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Horses Stall Traffic On Highway 680 Monday – Yeehaw!

Photo: Shauna Gardner McGlynn

A pair of local horses decided it was time to get out of the pasture and stretch their legs a little Monday, taking to I680 near the S. Main Exit and popping up into traffic – doing what the CHP, fines, and other traffic calming measures have so far failed to do: Slow things down!

Readers sent in a couple of photos. The horses, we are happy to say, were corralled by their owner and returned safely to their pasture – with a story to tall.

Photo: Fiachra and Bianca McCarron


  1. They stayed in their own lanes. signalled at all their turns and were respectful of others — more than I can say for most drivers on 680!

  2. I always miss the good stuff. Saw a guy throw a water bottle at another car this morning. That was about it.

  3. The came clopping by. It was great!!! I had the window down and the music on and they they were there and it was great. People immediately slowed way down for them. It was pretty cool. Glad they weren’t hurt.

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