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Lamorinda Police, Forensic Teams Investigating Origin Of Human Remains Found On Lafayette/Moraga Border


Lamorinda police and forensic teams are investigating the origin of adult human skeletal remains found in a secluded area near the Lafayette-Moraga border in Moraga Friday.

Investigators stressed that there was no sign of foul play evident at this time. The sex, age, or period of time the remains may have been in the area was not immediately known, though investigators told NEWS24/680 they did not appear to be prehistoric or Native People’s remains.

Officers from the Moraga and Lafayette police departments spent much of the day recovering the remains from a secluded area sandwiched in between Rheem Blvd. and S. Lucille Lane. Initial indications were that the remains had been in the area for some time.

A hiker reportedly found the bones during a hike in the area which is only accessible by foot or 4-wheel drive. He said he found the bones near a seasonal creek, contacted police and led officers back to the area.

Crime scene investigators, aided by search and rescue workers with search dogs and metal detectors, scoured the area Friday. The remains have been transferred to the Contra Costa County Coroners Bureau for further investigation and possible determination of a cause of death.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Lt. Brian South, Moraga Police, at 925.888.7052.


    • @Robert – Entirely possible, Robert, as prehistoric and other archeological finds have been made in that area before.

  1. Hoping for an innocent explanation and not the victim of crime. Perhaps ancient bones brought up by recent rains?

  2. I see your Facebook is filled with conjecture about this discovery. People are making some pretty wild guesses about this. As fun as it may be to play detective I think it will be a while before we know th real story.

  3. @Carol if you had been following this case you might not think it was so wild. It is my understanding that Philip Hughes worked at Rheem Bowl so would have been familiar with the area. With that and the fact that some of the girl’s bodies have never been found, I believe it is very possible. There are many still actively interested in solving more of these cases. I don’t want to say more but I am aware that it hasn’t been that long ago that police in the area were following a lead that they were hoping would lead to a body of one of his victims. It is still very much in the hearts and minds of those of us who remember.

  4. Thanks for the alert. I didn’t know we were still missing some local women and I will be following you for additional information. I had no idea.

  5. How long does it take to determine sex, age or how long the remains have been buried? Not being snarky I just wondered…..

  6. Hughes was an evil monster. It was amazing he lived among us. And I don’t think they have ever fully determined how many girls and women he killed. Sick.

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