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Lighthearted Moragans Celebrate Chuck The Sinkhole’s First Birthday

"Chuck The Sinkhole," aka "The Great Depression."

Yes, it has been a year. My, how the time does fly. And, sure, the town has swathed you in chain link and warning cones to keep the crib-rushers at bay but you know we love you Moraga Sinkhole and the locals turned out this morning to mark the occasion of your birth.

There’s talk of a grander celebration to come, with school kids reenacting the moment your pavement collapsed like a badly made layer cake and your light standard plunged into the depths like a harpoon.

Merrymakers turned out early Monday morning (it was raining cats and dogs a year ago, remember?) to adorn you with bunting and balloons and a few well-chosen words were said, usually under the breath as motorists accustomed to Moraga’s Great Depression maneuvered around its coned-off perimeter.

A year. My. Where does the time go? 


  1. Wow — it’s been a year since I was enjoying a tasty treat at Tangelo, about 100 feet from ground zero, when a police officer stormed in and yelled “everyone out the back door.. there’s a gas leak! Tell everyone you see along the way to evacuate the plaza!”.

    My then 4-year old son dropped his frozen yogurt on the floor and said “Daddy.. we have to go!”.

    And GO! we did!

  2. Next up, birthdays for all of the empty retail space…Jack in the Box, the old Shell station, School Street post office, Terezettos, Mycra PAC building/Rheem and the old World Savings Bank. As Amazon/online shopping and our clueless town council plod along we can have a party as our town expands into a state of strip mall blight!

  3. I’d like to hole-heartedly wish Chuck the happiest of birthdays. May the gifts he will (hopefully) receive over the next year ful-fill him.

    I’ll show myself out.

  4. As soon as I can find an online gift registry for Chuck, I will send a gift. If you send clothes, please “size up.” Babies outgrow their clothes so fast. Will the Moraga Barber Baby be attending?

    • @Danielle – thanks for that one, we’re crunching numbers and it lightened the morning! The Moraga Barber Baby has a busy schedule and is booked through early next year with appearances on Oprah, GMA, and The View! His specialty, looking cute and blowing mouthy bubbles, appears to be in demand…

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