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Kick-In Burglars Strike Orinda Residence Tuesday

Photo: File

Calls of suspicious vehicles cruising Lamorinda neighborhoods have peaked of late, with an Orinda residence struck by thieves who kicked in their front door and entered the home Tuesday morning.

Neighbors off Moraga Way in the area of Richard Court and Valley View say they reported a distinctly noisy black sedan cruising the area shortly before a residence had its front door smashed and items taken between 8 and 9 a.m.

Suspect Vehicle:
Black sedan, possibly an Audi, with dark, tinted windows. The car makes a distinct “screeching” sound, possibly due to a mechanical issue.


  1. Seen a car of that description early on Moraga Way, Glorietta. Crappy exhaust system… the noise does get your attention

  2. I’ve mentioned security screen doors in the past to prevent kick-in robberies. I know they don’t go with the “look of really nice homes in Lamorinda” but the heck with keeping up with the Jones. The Smiths might be more fun. Society has changed, and the only way we can all stay safe is through “preventive measures.”

    • @Aaron – ooh, ooh, we actually know what those are but we don’t think they are in play here. Probably more an exhaust or fanbelt issue…

  3. Are we getting mad enough, and fed up enough to pressure our state legislators to tighten up/ or repeal proposition 47, so we can start sending criminals to jail again? This soft soap approach is not working. Frankly I don’t care if they’re crowded in jail . I know Governor Brown has great concern over the comfort of criminals in jail. I care more about the comfort and security of all us hard-working responsible citizens.

  4. My husband says he’s already replaced the screws on the strike plate and I don’t remember what else he said because door hardware is boring. That might prevent a kick-in, but it won’t deter a burglar. Once the burglar is there, he’ll find another way to break in. Like a window.

    A security screen door is a deterrent. He’ll see the screen door, and keep on going to a less secure home. Similar to The Club on a car.

    Now they’re back? They never left.

  5. I call every time someone strange comes into the neighborhood now. Hate to say it but after so many burglaries it is the prudent thing to do.

  6. @Greg T: As I have pointed out to you before, Residential Burglary (PC 459) was not impacted by Prop 47. It only changed the penalties for shoplifting (PC 459.5).

    I have a very conspicuous security camera near my front door, and I tell myself it is a deterrent (I have videos of strangers making a U-turn when they see it).

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