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Thousands Gather For Women’s March In Walnut Creek Saturday

Speakers at today's march in Walnut Creek. Photo: EastCountyToday

Thousands of women from as far away as Sacramento joined others in cities and towns across the country in a nationwide demonstration of dissatisfaction with the nation’s pick for its president – filling Walnut Creek’s Civic Park.

A few medical incidents were reported, with people in the crowd helping those afflicted until first responders could reach them.

An official estimate of the size of the crowd was not immediately available as this was written (12:08 p.m.), but observers estimated it was in the thousands.


  1. I’m sorry to say but there were some wackos in that crowd too.
    I experienced them when I had to do some business and Walnut Creek.
    It all started when they said f*** Trump to me and I said what brings that up and I’m actually giving him a chance. They then cursed at me and told me how Trump was going to ruin everything by doing everything from foreclosing on little old people to taking away gay transgender and moslim rights.. and they said Trump
    wanted all women to be pregnant and barefoot.. I noticed a great number came off of BART, from Berkeley I would guesd, because of their militant views. Accessing most of you are a result of Hysteria built around falsifying news and rumors.
    They surely did not impress me with their viciousness. Supported the whole thing I’m sorry to say. It seemed more about a litany of far-left complaints rather than a productive women’s forum. I think it’s this kind of focus on ectreme wacky thoughts that did loose the Democrats the election with your average person. I did not vote for Trump, but want to give him a chance now.

  2. Went with my wife really just to show support and maybe catch lunch out afterward. Glad I went. Didn’t see any of the stuff cited by the previous poster – who I can’t help but notice did not post under his name. The misspellings and overall thrust of their post is in line with what we have come to expect during the president’s run for the White House so I am suspicious of it. I will say that we were surprised to see a couple of neighbors we did not expect to be participating and invited them to lunch after. Good lunch and a great day!

  3. Mobilize and never stop fighting. Today was a good day but it was also the first day of a long struggle.

  4. The first poster’s observations are so counter to what I saw out there today I have to ask if they were there at all.

  5. Loved every minute of it. Police were very good, smiling and taking pictures. I saw young and old and didn’t hear a negative word said the entire time.

  6. I was surprised at how loving and inclusive the signs were. It was such a fun time and a great pleasure to be there.
    Being originally from Berkeley I don’t believe there were many from there. They have their own march. Why go to Walnut Creek? I agree with all but the single negative comment above
    F. J. Ackerman.

  7. I did not vote for Trump and am extremely nervous about the experiment America just started. I also appreciate those expressing their feelings in todays protests and am impressed with the huge number of people that came out. But I am confused on the message that is intended to come from this? I saw pro-choice, Trump is a rapist, women rights, and more that ran the spectrum. It seemed like an anti-Trump yet murky statement. help me out, what was message intended to be?

  8. My family and I experienced a very safe and peaceful march. No disturbances, no violence, no agression, no destruction of city or business property. It was beautiful.

  9. Agree with the sentiments expressed by all but the first poster in this thread. Looking at it a second time I think I would be inclined to put it down as a troll post by the type of person who helped get us here in the first place. Maybe if the country had been better at spotting the churning cesspool of disinformation these people seem to enjoy putting out there we would not be where we are today – uncertain and wondering when our leaders decide to turn on us.

  10. I attended the march today – it was beautiful, peaceful and wonderful to be with like-minded citizens of the community.

  11. @just came: Your use of the word “Hysteria” is an interesting choice to describe an event organized primarily by and for women who wish to make their voices heard. You might want to Wiki “Hysteria”. Another interesting Greek word is democracy. The Democratic Party is a mess, but in assessing that Democrats lost the Presidential election, you kind of have to toss that word out because Small Hands received 3 million fewer votes.

  12. It was a great day made better by the fact that no one felt the need to firebomb the Starbucks or glue the deposit box shut at BofA. We were glad to see people come out in such large numbers and make their feelings known. I was proud of everyone there.

  13. I am a twenty year resident of Walnut Creek who marched with my 85 year old mom, my daughter and wife, and many friends. I was happy to be in the company of fellow soccer dads and moms, PTA volunteers, teachers, princpals, and local business colleagues (my law office is in the Creek). This was a locally organized event which attracted frriends and supporters from local churches, synagogue and Rossmoor, among other diverse groups, throughout the area. Thanks to the orgnanizers and supporters. Contra Costa county cares about the direction of our country and we will make sure that we stay on track!

  14. Yeah it was good. I can’t think of a finer group of 3000 or 6000 or 10,000 people to spend time with on a Saturday. It made me feel better to know that a large part of the country is watching closely and cares about how business – our business – is going to be conducted.

  15. This was good, but let’s please give the new President a chance. I voted for Trump even though I was a Democrat before; and I think some these alarm bells that are being sounded are for no reason. Yes, the election got nasty, on both sides and wentover the top on some things, but let’s give this guy a chance. I personally think the country needs a little bit of reigning in now and will be better for it.

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