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Moraga Man Dead After Domestic Confrontation Goes Wrong Sunday


Police found a Moraga man dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound early Sunday after an armed confrontation at a Lafayette home earlier in the evening touched off a widespread but initially futile search involving police helicopter and canine units.

Neighbors reported seeing a heavily armed police presence outside a Moraga home around 1 a.m. Sunday, officers eventually entering the residence and finding the homeowner inside, dead of a self-inflicted wound.

That action followed an apparently armed confrontation between the Moragan and another man at a Lafayette residence earlier in the evening, the Moraga resident reportedly entering the home forcefully to confront the man over a developing domestic scenario – only to have the resident inside disarm him of a weapon of undetermined type before the Morgan fled the residence in an unknown direction.

Police began a search for the man with ground units, a police helicopter, and canine team involved before Lamorinda police went to an address in Moraga to search for the individual and to secure any weapons he may have had.

He was found dead inside the residence.


  1. “Developing domestic scenario” is vague. Just because 2 people may already know each other, doesn’t eliminate criminal activity, such as assault or battery. Those 2 terms are less vague. (If that’s what the “domestic scenario” was about.)

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