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Danville Loses Its Wile E. Coyote – To A Car

Photo: Reader Submission

The last weeks of his life weren’t the best, his fur gone in patches and the persistent itch that comes with mange plaguing him until the end – which came with the last, final rush of a car which caught him as he was crossing the road.

A lot of people were pulling for Danville’s Coyote – this site included – and we were hoping the story, like so many others we’ve seen lately, would have a better ending.

But it appears we humans did not prove to the the benevolent Alpha Critters we have convinced ourselves we are, with some area youths and the noisy trappings of our civilization panicking the hapless and pursued Western icon in recent weeks until he finally ran out of running room.

Some good folks tried to make things right by Wile E., sending us quiet updates and notices of his escapes and achievements even in the midst of civilization.

But it was not to be. We lost another one. Treasured no more nor any less than the last wild creature that ran afoul of us – a river otter as it happened – scaring some of us, amazing others while he traversed the neighborhoods.

We wish this one had a happier ending, and publish a picture of another coyote in his glory, prowling lands that were once his alone.



  1. This won’t be a “popular comment,” but I’ll never understand the “liking” towards coyotes. They eat small pets, chickens, etc. Maybe if they didn’t eat small pets. I know they were here first, but I LOVE small pets…

    • We love small pets, too… and you’re right. We just think we have to learn to share a little more than we are. And stop doing dumb stuff like THIS.

  2. I’m sad to hear this.. my heart went out to this animal because of its poor condition was hoping you could have been rescue when you’re turned loose in the wild.
    Looks like it spent most of its life suffeting..

    • That mange is mite-borne and works quickly so unknown how long he had it but it was apparent he was uncomfortable.

  3. C’mon! Dry those tears. Wile E Coyote always makes a comeback…with new and improved gear from Acme. Foooolproof gear!

    • Yes, we know there are other members of his species among us. But we like to see things played out naturally… perhaps in the jaws of a Mountain Lion instead of under the wheels of a 3,000-lb car!

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