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San Ramon Senior Care Technician Arrested, Booked For Stealing Patient’s Jewelry

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Police in San Ramon have announced the arrest last week of a 61-year-old Mountain House resident in connection with the theft of $5,000 worth of jewelry from a 95-year-old resident under her care.

Investigators said they received information earlier in the week that someone had made off with the patient’s belongings. Through the use of surveillance video, and the assistance of the senior living community’s management, police said Beryl Levy, 61, was quickly identified and a probable cause arrest warrant was written by the San Ramon Police Department’s Investigation Division.

Police declined to give the name of the senior care facility where Levy worked, though information on her Facebook page states that she has been employed at Villa San Ramon since 2014.

Levy was arrested last Tuesday morning by San Ramon Police Department Detectives. She was booked at the Martinez Detention Facility for violations of Penal Codes 459/460 (Burglary), 487 (Grand Theft), and 368 (Elder Abuse).

Following her arrest, a search warrant was served at Levy’s home in Mountain House, according to police. Numerous pieces of suspected stolen property were found inside her home and investigators are working with the senior living community management in an attempt to identify any additional victims.

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  1. Prayers for the victim and that the person responsible see what she has done and recognize her violation of the sacred trust we should all have when caring for people who can no longer care for themselves.

  2. Maybe those robot health care nurses aren’t such a bad idea after all. They don’t steal from the patients right?

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