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Michael Lane Crash Leaves Vehicle Turtled In Lafayette; Driver Uninjured

Photo: Randy Churchill

Neighbors near 596 Michael Lane in Lafayette were startled by a loud noise and the sight of a car on its roof in the middle of the street Wednesday – the result of an apparent collision with a parked car.

Photo: Abby Fateman
Photo: Abby Fateman

Officers said a Concord woman traveling northbound on Michael Lane told officers she did not see the parked until it was too late. She also said she was unfamiliar with the area. The unidentified driver clambered out of the turtled vehicle uninjured, police said.

Investigators have not determined the woman’s speed at the time of the crash and said the angle of the impact on the parked car is what caused her car to roll over. That stretch of Michael Lane is posted for 15 mph, neighbors and police say.

We’d say you don’t normally see this sort of thing on quiet, suburban streets but, well,  we do.

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  1. Dear Mister Page —
    Please hurry up and get those driverless cars built and on the roads.
    It is pretty clear people don’t know how to drive.
    A robot and computer will probably not to any worse.

    Thank you.

  2. Michael Lane is narrow. When cars are parked in front of their homes you have to cross over the yellow line to get around. Since she claimed she was lost, I am betting she looked down at her phone for directions and didn’t adjust for the parked car. Amazing 15 mph + a Mini Cooper could cause you roll. Reminds me of those stunt drivers that get their cars to drive on two wheels with just a small ramp.

  3. I know the woman who owns the Mini. This is just around the corner.

    Frankly, I’m impressed that you could roll a car on that street — hit a car, sure, but roll one?

  4. I’m not in a hurry for driverless cars, when you consider that one ran into a bus earlier this year, when trying to avoid a bag…and last week one drove under a big -rig , killing
    It’s ‘driver’.

  5. We live on a quiet lane with a 25 per hour posting. There have been a number of spin outs and near misses but last month a BMW came along at about 55 and slid across our lawn. I went outside to see 1 if the driver was all right and 2, if they could tell me why they were driving so quickly in a residential neighborhood. The driver was pretty, in her thirties and wasted on something. Before I could grab her keys she told me what to do with myself and further chewed up our lawn driving away. Apparently this happens a lot. We’re building a wall.

  6. “I don’t know that being “pretty” makes a difference, but rumor has it it’s an easier life…”

    True enough, but it doesn’t make you any smarter!

  7. Yes, Michael is a narrow street if cars are parked on the street. She probably took her eyes off the road for a second and the Mini became a BMX ramp. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

  8. Glad no one was hurt. And just because you live on a quiet street doesn’t mean your immune. People will be people and people eff up all the time.

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