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Moraga PD Arrest 15-Year-Old Tuesday – Suspected Of String Of Residential Burglaries

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Moraga Police, in what their acting chief called “an extensive and ongoing investigation,” arrested a 15-year-old youth living in the Carroll Ranch area investigators say is responsible for four residential burglaries and one attempted burglary last week.

The youth, whose name has not been given due to his age, was arrested shortly after a neighbor in the Carroll Ranch area reported seeing a teen inside an open garage around 9:30 a.m. The neighbor knew the garage belonged to an elderly neighbor and that the teen was not supposed to be inside, according to police.

Acting Chief Jon King said officers contacted the elderly neighbor and found that items had been moved around in her garage, but that nothing appeared to have been taken. Officers contacted the juvenile, who admitted being in the garage, with officers eventually determining that the juvenile was responsible for four residential burglaries (one that had gone unreported) and one attempted burglary last week. Officers were able to recover some of the stolen property and are continuing their investigation, King said.

The juvenile, who police said does not attend local schools but who has ties to the area, was released to his mother.

King expressed his department’s thanks the citizen who observed the suspicious activity and promptly reported it. In this case, he said, their actions not only prevented a burglary, but were instrumental in solving 5 other felony crimes. This is an incredible example of the importance of the police and residents working together.

To report a crime or suspicious person or vehicle, please call Dispatch at 925-284-5010.

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  1. Released to his mother? Really? This was “instrumental in solving 5 other felony crimes”. That doesn’t sound like resolution to me. What happens next?

  2. Thank you to the alert neighbors who reported the suspicious activity.
    I just hope this young cook was charged before being released to his mother.

  3. @Greg – he’s a cook? No wonder he got returned to mommy!! Cooks around these parts are like rock stars.

  4. ??? “does not attend local schools but who has ties to the area” Odd for a 15 year old. Someone’s troubled grandson?

    Hopefully this event will help him get his life on track.

  5. Even with all the talk of outsiders coming into town to steal from us in the back of my mind I always thought it was someone who lived right here among us. Sad its someone so young.

  6. That’s going to put a kink in the neighborhood dynamic – or will it? Are people forgiving and willing to overlook this sort of thing or is it hard on the criminal or his family afterward?? I mean, he’s not going to be able to walk down that street again without everyone tracking his every move right?

  7. Release him to his father (WAIT UNTIL YOUR FATHER GETS HOME). It is sad that it’s someone so young. Kudos to the neighbors. The best way to have a good neighbor is to be a good neighbor.

  8. I feel sorry for this teen but believe he should be punished for what he did. He’s lucky he doesn’t go to school in the area, I think the teasing would be relentless. What’s ahead for him? Juvenile diversion? Juvenile Hall?

  9. I feel sorry for him too. I do have to wonder how I would feel if my house was one of the one he ripped of though. I may not be so forgiving if he took my laptop.

  10. I have to say I am surprised he wasn’t incarcerated. I thought burglary was pretty serious. I thought five of them was even more serious. Maybe I’m old school.

  11. It is not jail but I am sure they are still feeling the mistrust of their neighbors — which to me would be worse.

  12. I’m saddened by his actions, but I don’t feel sorry for him. I agree with Randy. That many felonies at the age of 15… you’re looking at a career criminal. There’s no excuse for committing crimes (especially felonies), regardless of what may or may not be going on at home.

  13. Released to his mother? Really? 5 felony charges? Is he just curious about other peoples stuff? If I find him in my house or garage whom do I call? Do you have his mother’s phone number? If there is some reason that the police decided that they did not need to lock this kid up to protect US, you might want to state it.

  14. It’s almost easier to grasp why outsiders come here to steal than it is to understand why someone living in the area would do it and to such a degree. I guess there’s a protocol for dealing with cases like this but I hope theres more of a penalty than just sending him back home with mom.

  15. Juveniles are considered delinquents, not criminals. Hopefully he’s facing charges through the juvenile justice system. He should be in juvenile hall, not with his mother. He could be committing more burglaries.

  16. This article describes his transgressions as felonies. I realize there is a separate process for juveniles, as there should be, but would the charges be the same as for an adult or is there a separate set of laws (and legal charges) that pertains to juveniles? That would seem unlikely, but I confess ignorance of how the juvenile justice system operates. Clearly the harm from the thefts is the same from the victims’ point of view whether the perpetrator is an adult or not.

    Also, I realize that his identity is protected, but are we allowed to know if this unnamed juvenile is even being charged with criminal conduct??? I hope News24680 will be able to provide an update if and when charges are filed against this unnamed individual. I also hope that this kid has an epiphany. He is 15. No one wants him in jail unless he is a continuing threat.

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