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Orinda Police Arrest Oakland Man In Tuesday Morning Arms Theft


Orinda police are currently processing a car and questioning a suspect in an early morning break-in on Underhill Rd. in which a “significant” number of weapons were reportedly stolen.

Police responded to the area after a homeowner reported someone attempting to enter the residence at approximately 7:32 a.m.

Officers drove up to the house to find the suspect walking across the street to his parked vehicle with an old shotgun slung over his shoulder, according to Police Chief Mark Nagel. The shotgun, believed to be antique, was later determined to have been stolen from the house.

Nagel said his officers ordered the suspect to put his hands up but he continued walking and eventually entered his parked vehicle. Officers ordered him out of the car and the suspect complied. The same suspect was seen attempting to enter another house prior to this event and was unsuccessful, according to police.  He matches the description of the suspect given in those incidents. 

Police said several guns of various type were located inside the vehicle along with several knives, stolen property, credit cards and various items. Patrick Devine, 34, of Oakland, was arrested and charged with residential burglary, possession of loaded firearms, stolen property and burglary tools, and possession of controlled substance pending testing. 


    • Chief Nagel confirms that this was a totally random crime, with the suspect apparently trying to enter other homes prior to this occurrence.

  1. Let me make sure I have this right. Burglars today are so unconcerned about getting caught that they just drive around and walkup to houses they think have something and then go up and try the door???

  2. Yes several guns and also knives, knives, knives. Criminals Love weapons.
    And yes criminals are not concerned anymore… they just do their stuff because they know they will not be punished.
    We’ve gotten so PC and somehow have gotten our priorities so upside down the criminals are treated so well and have all this compassion lavished on them by the uber liberals… thousands of criminals are being let out of jail both locally and nationally with the combined efforts of the Obama Administration and the Jerry Brown Administration here in California. Well there I said it, and I’m sure I will be getting a lot of hate mail; but that’s really what’s going on.

  3. Welcome to Orinda Mister Divine. We’ll be serving a fine lightly chilled Chardonnay with your baloney sandwiche this afternoon.

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