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A “Tiny House” Rolls Into Mega-Mansion Land

Photo: Julie Marchitiello-Vonhacht

More than a few eyebrows raised and Design Review Commissions readied their pencils as the producers of Tiny House Nation – a TV show given over to folks searching for small but efficient dwellings – rolled this candidate into Pleasant Hill recently.

Shutters snapped as the new arrival set local tongues to wagging, bystanders asking: “Where’s the wine cave?” and “Does it have a Teen Media Room?”

We’ll have to wait and see. The episode featuring the dwelling airs in August.


  1. I could live in one. Better than the rat infested hovel I live in now! And you can kkeep the media room.

  2. I could totally live in one. You would have to have a nice site for it though. Is it going to stay in Pleasant Hill?

  3. I’ve seen better examples than this one.
    This one looks like it belongs at Children’s Fairyland on Lake Merritt.
    I too like the concept and think I could live in one.
    I question your headline ‘ Mega Mansion Land’ though, when article says it’s going to Pleasant Hill. Hardly mansion land.

  4. Agree with GregT I had something else in mind for my small mansion. Believe this one built under the show concept which is really small house for really small budget to show what can be done on limited budget. I like the small house approachm, but agree it will have to be more than the kids playhouse some people have on their properties.

  5. I’d rather live in an RV. At least in that scenario if I don’t like my neighbors I can just drive away.

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