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Moragan Says: “Good Morning, Mr. Coyote!”

Photo: Reader Submission

For those of us who have lived here any length of time our local Coyotes are ubiquitous creatures – elusive, and yet part of our landscape.

This wily critter was spotted prancing through the 800 block of Augusta Drive in Moraga Monday.

A reader was able to snag a quick photo.


  1. When my dog went into heat, a frisky coyote showed up. No coydogs for us, thank you very much. A quick spray of the water hose sent him on his way. That dog is now spayed. But my second dog can’t be spayed for another year and I’m expecting a heat cycle from her soon. So, I imagine our gentleman caller will be back. But, I’ll be ready with the hose.

  2. We see them all the time and like them but we don’t leave a speck of food out and the cats are kept inside at all times!!!!

  3. Love seeing them. It’s nice to have a touch of wild something here. But we always keep a respectful distance.

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