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One Dead In San Ramon Crash On I-680 Thursday

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One person was killed in a chain-reaction crash just before midnight Thursday on Interstate 680 in San Ramon.

The crash was first reported at around 11:25 p.m. near the Bollinger Canyon Road off-ramp, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Officers reported that a southbound black Honda sedan rear-ended a crane-equipped utility truck – and was moments later struck by yet another car that crashed into it.

The driver of the Honda was killed in the crash. A driver in the second car was hurt but not seriously, officers said. The crash temporarily closed the two southbound “slow” lanes of the highway while investigators worked to determine the cause of the crash. All lanes were reopened shortly before 6:30 a.m., CHP said.


  1. What is going on lately? It seems that every day there’s a new fatality on Bay Area freeways! These occurrences used to be rare but are becoming an almost daily event now. Scarry!

    • Morning, Greg. Thanks for writing. Wish we could put our finger on it so the pros could – perhaps – find a way to stop it but, yes, we do seem to be locked into a tragic trending at present. Far too many factors to name, and we don’t know that humankind can be cured of those predilections. Perhaps those driverless cars will help save us from ourselves…

  2. Heard the sirens and checked your facebook. So sorry to hear someone died in this. It does seem to be happening a lot around here. RIP

  3. Guy passed me on 680 North doinga wheelie at about a hunnert this morning. As long as they’re registered with the appropriate organ donation service and don’t hurt anyone else I guess I’m cool with it, but there is some insanity out there on the roads these days and it’s not going to get better.

  4. I see people veering off the highway all the time like they are looking at their phones or something and then suddenly pulling it back onto the road. You have to imagine it happens so often that one time out of ten they hit something…. a sign or worse. Maybe it would be better if the computer drove the car, we don’t seem to be doing very well.

  5. Just thinking…. Could it have to do with California lawlessness?
    The 680 has become a drag strip and I never see the CHP pulling people over like they always did before. It used to be that if anybody blew by you doing 75 ,80 or 90 they were always pulled over by the CHP further down the stretch… and you got to see it. Now people Blow by you at all kinds of speeds, sweeping across all Lanes at once and faces looking down to the laps at their cell phones… the CHP seems to be nowhere. This certainly will get worse without enforcement.

  6. So sad…. my Condolences to the family. My husband worked with this person in Dublin. My husband said he was a hard working man…working two jobs. Hearing these tragic stories makes me worry everyday for my husband who commutes from Tracy to Dublin. 🙁

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