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It’s Official, Moraga – We’re A Disaster Area!

Moraga's "Great Depression."

Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. issued a proclamation Tuesday declaring storm-related damage to roads and highways as an existing State of Emergency – a move covering the mounting cost of repairs to Moraga’s landmark sinkhole.

The governor issued the proclamation Tuesday, naming Contra Costa and several other counties sustaining damage during our recent rainfall as qualifying for financial assistance.

Current Town Mayor Mike Metcalf issued the following advisory:

“On behalf of my fellow Councilmembers, Town Staff, and our entire community, I want to thank Governor Brown for the quick response to our emergency situation and for his willingness to assist us in our time of need. The emergence of the sinkhole on March 13, 2016, and resulting gas line rupture, forced an emergency evacuation of all area businesses, caused the loss of gas service to 2,600 PG&E customers, and continues to harm our local business community. The initial response and ongoing costs associated with the sinkhole have taxed our resources and the current repair estimate of $3.5 million would be devastating to the Town’s financial stability. The Governor’s Declaration has provided hope and renewed optimism for making it through this emergency.”

I also extend our sincerest thanks and appreciation to both Senator Steve Glazer and Assemblywoman Catharine Baker for reaching out to our staff with offers of assistance soon after the sinkhole occurred. It is most gratifying to see elected officials, and their incredibly competent staffs, respond quickly and collaboratively to assist and guide in emergency situations. The Town of Moraga and the State of California are fortunate to have both in our service.”

The Town, and this site, have been hearing from local businesses impacted by the sinkhole and resultant utility outages, with business owners anxious to restore traffic, and electricity, and other essentials necessary for their businesses to survive.


  1. That’s like having a really bad dinner at one of the most expensive places in town and having your rich uncle pick up the tab.

  2. The last time I thought of Moraga as a “disaster area,” my Dad was telling one of my brothers to “clean their room.” That was quite some time ago…

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