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Calling All Car (Fans) – Lafayette PD Asks If You Can ID This Car

Photo: LPD

A NEWS24/680 reader came through for Lafayette PD on a case they were handling not long ago and they’re back with a similar task after a burglary on Laurel Drive in their city March 22:

“The image of this vehicle was obtained during one of our residential burglary investigations,” writes Chief Eric Christensen.  “(We’re) looking for one of your crime fighters to help us to identify the make, year and model of the car.  Any special characteristics that someone can point out would be great as well.”

“Any help we can get, would certainly be appreciated.”

So, here we go… putting this one out there for George, Amanda (all FOUR of them as of today), Casey, Mike, and those guys in San Ramon who keep sending us pictures of the antique cars they are rebuilding! This one is a little younger – but maybe you can tell us all what it is, and maybe help solve a crime…


  1. I’m seeing Jaguar and “Santa Monica” on the plate holder. Also at least two guys in the car – one in the back seat. Not sure of the year yet. Passing this on to a Jag Guy I know…..

  2. To clarify, from 98-2005 full name was Grandeur XG, w/ small body design changes along the way. This particular rear design w/ scooped section abv bumper including lic plate and square tail lights consistent with 2004 model year.

    Even during Jag’s darkest years you couldn’t confuse these two makes.

    • Dang we love our readers. Smart. JB leading the pack on this case with Ms. Anderson supplying a very nifty video comparison on our Facebook page. She was onto Hyundai as a likely suspect early on, as well… now we’re dusting for prints, running a DNA analysis on the cigarette butts they left in the ashtrays and we should have these guys in custody any minute. Ahem. Not really, it only works that way in the movies, but law enforcement is taking note of your efforts and if you can have a little fun while helping to catch a carload of burglars – we’d call that a two-fer!

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