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Thief Uses Broken Glass Bottle To Rob Victim Of Cash, iPad, And Watch In Orinda Wednesday


Orinda police responded to a report of a victim who was approached by a black male adult on the pedestrian path to the BART station Thursday, the thief brandishing a broken glass bottle to steal cash, an iPad and a watch from his male victim.

Officers said there was a 20 minute lag between the time the incident occurred at 3:55 p.m. and when it was reported. It was not explained what caused this lag.

Despite this, OPD and Lafayette officers searched the Orinda BART station and surrounding areas in a futile search for the suspect.


  1. It’s a shame. What’s going on in the black community that thier young men are inflicting all these crimes here lately?
    Is it revenge being promoted by the new
    anti ‘white privilege’ movement or ‘ black lives matter’ movement?… This is no way to foster better relations and understanding and compassion. I thought president Obama was going to improve things here and supposedly bring us together.

    • We don’t know. We see crooks of all races at play in the 24/680. We’re not drawing much from the fact that the thief here happened to be a black man. We did think the choice of weapon was unusual.

  2. Greg: Ok, first, you have to be a desperate meth idiot to threaten someone with a broken piece of glass when there are so many better weapons available. Personally, I would choose a nice piece of pipe before a broken bottle, but that is just me. Second, THEY are not coming to get us. We have been living with THEM for some time. Some of us are married to THEM. The crimes you refer to are not political statements; they are criminal acts. The election of the first non-white President did not lead to a post-racial America. Shocking, I know! Maybe it starts with people like you and me. Make friends with someone who doesn’t look like you or talk like you. This is predominantly a nation of immigrants…and former slaves.

    May I, and those of like opinion remind you, that the “white” community is no more monolithic than the “black community” and “thier (sic) young men”.

  3. Dear David, you’re totally jumping to conclusions and judging me unfairly.
    I have no hate… only anger and concern situation. You seem to have already judged and convicted me…. I just talked to a friend last night telling them the same thing and how I wish I could help the young men & inspire them and even contribute.
    I guess I’m also frustrated as to why there’s so much hate and anger coming towards the white community lately and why now we are painted with one brush and called privileged in anger. I’m sorry I upset you got me so mad I have a feeling you might be one of those people who gets enraged over every little thing political or not PC.
    And it is a fact the black young men commit a disportionate amount of crime. I’d like to help. because it’s surely seen now that the democrat party /national liberals way of solving the problem have not worked.

  4. The weapon of choice is odd. My guess would be a spur of the moment crime. He saw something he wanted (iPad), picked up the first thing he saw (broken bottle), and it happened. Thieves know where nice areas are. Stay safe in Orinda…

  5. Those pathways to BART from the East, and going under the freeway in either direction toward the theater or toward the library have poor visibility. Its an example of how you can be in a very busy area, and yet be all alone.

  6. Give up on it Greg. Thieves are all over the East Bay and a lot come from Oakland and Richmond.
    I moved away from there because of the constant crime. Just be careful and always alert when in public. Don’t have an iPad or iPhone visible when walking in an uncrowded area. This will continue until the punishment is increased and they do real prison time. Right now, nothing happens to the criminals.

  7. “Right now, nothing happens to the criminals.”
    Which nations incarcerate a higher percentage of citizens than the USA? If there are any, they are probably kingdoms and/or autocracies without due process of law. Look it up.
    Why are so many Americans criminals?

    Australia started as a penal colony. Modern America was founded by religious zealots fleeing persecution. Go figure. You are less likely to be jailed in Cuba and Rwanda than here.

  8. If no knife was involved, and the computer was worth less than $950, than nothing happens to the perp. Because it is an armed robbery, that changes the game. Obviously, this crime was one of circumstance, as the weapon was probably found on the ground nearby the scene.
    BART is the carrier of a lot of crime in Contra Costa County- look at the crime at Concord, North Concord and Baypoint stations. The BART police are virtually worthless, and the criminals know that.
    David-The liberal view is to let out low level criminals to relieve overcrowding, and that is exactly what your governor did instead of building more prisons. I must assume he thinks like you being ashamed of high incarceration rates, and letting out convicts who should be locked up. The fact that young Black men commit a high percentage of the crime is not news to anyone. It has been that way ever since Blacks moved to the Bay Area during WWII years.
    There is a war going on between the Police and “Blacktivists” as defined by Black Lives Matter that could ultimately make more crime as the Police are restrained from using tools available to them now.
    That you are less likely to be jailed in Cuba or Rwanda doesn’t factor in how many are killed by those gov’ts as political prisoners.
    Likely, nothing will change, given the liberal view wins out by the numbers.

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