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Mail And Package Thieves At Work In Lamorinda

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Thieves who prowl mailboxes and front doorsteps for any mail or dropped packages appear to be at work in Lamorinda of late, picking off deliveries in Moraga and Lafayette.

Two deliveries too heavy for their recipient to take in were taken in for her in Moraga on July 5. The thief may have been disappointed, however, as the shipment included a supply of Ensure dietary supplement valued at about $160.

And Lafayette residents say mailbox raiders appear to be at work in their city Tuesday, opening mailboxes and incurring the wrath of neighbors who are attempting to come up with a description of the culprits. We’ll post that if we get some hard information.

A word of caution: take that mail in as soon as you can, or consider getting a locked mailbox.


  1. I have been teaching my old terrier to sleep in a Vans shoe box on the front porch. Sleeping comes naturally to her, so it’s not really much of a trick, but boy oh boy, you had better have a treat in your hand when you wake her.

  2. Out ahead of things as usual we see. Interesting to see that organized gangs of people are behind these thefts.

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