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Renegade Landscaper Continues To Fleece 24-680 Homeowners

Investigators say this man has been fleecing unsuspecting customers for months.

We first wrote about him in February. For some up-front money he’d tend your yard. For more, he’d transform it into a Garden of Eden, or fix that poxy drainage issue. At least, that’s what he said he’d do.

Like other pirate contractors operating in the 24-680 Corridor, investigators said Adan Rivas – or Contreras, it depends – of Concord promised much, took his money up front and left at least 11 customers holding the clippings bag to the tune of about $64,000.

Investigators say Rivas has been spotted using this truck “on the job.”

A no bail arrest warrant has been issued for the 34-year-old on 10 felony counts of fraud, and there’s a slew of misdemeanor charges pending against him as well. The Contractors State License Board recently added him to its list of “most wanted” but Contreras, who apparently changes identities more swiftly than he does his work, remains in the wind.

Rivas, who most victims agree has something of a beguiling manner and a certain patter, operates in Lamorinda, Walnut Creek, San Ramon and Alamo-Danville. Investigators accuse him of diverting construction funds, taking excessive down payments, and contracting without a license. A recent sting operation designed to net unscrupulous contractors led to the arrests of 30 people posing as contractors and charging for services ranging from drought maintenance to painting but Rivas was not among them.


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