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MORAGA: Carr Ranch Saved From Development; Cows Breathe Easier

A portion of the 600-acre Carr Ranch in Moraga. Photo: Google Earth

A 600-acre chunk of largely pristine California ridge land has been snatched off the list of local sites open to potential development, much to the joy of locals who once roamed its valleys, at least one resident mountain lion, and the cows who will continue to graze there.

The John Muir Land Trust announced Thursday that it had acquired the property from descendants of the Carr Family – ranchers and a former MOFD fireman with deep ties to Moraga, the land and the wildlife it sustains.

A NEWS24-680 contributing editor who visited the ranch as a high schooler in the 70s hailed its acquisition as “a minor miracle,” a victory for conservationists and for future generations.

Monetary details of the acquisition were not disclosed, though the land was reportedly worth “many millions of dollars.”

Although a portion of the land will continue to be used to graze cattle, members of the public will be able to hike its ridges, visit its natural springs and appreciate sweeping views to virtually every point of the compass when the deal is done around this time next year.


  1. I think it should be said that the people of this area owe a debt of gratitude to the Carr Family, who probably left some money on the table in this deal. They just gave everyone a huge present and while they will undoubtedly be compensated, it’s nice to see some good come out of these situations instead of more dozers and trucks and McMansions

  2. A lovely market-based solution unless the purchase price was lowered under the duress of threatened (and legally baseless) challenges to development. But if free and open trade (even if the owners decided to sell at a bargain price), then I applaud the outcome and encourage future eco-warriors to follow the example.

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