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Splashdown (Twice?) In Pleasant Hill Pond Tuesday

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Oh, those kids. We hesitate in putting the onus of responsibility on anyone these days because no one seems to like it but we have to wonder: is pond jumping some new teen automotive sport we haven’t heard about, yet?

We know about Assassins, and beer pong, and several other trappings of unfettered youth common today, and we also know how these things can happen because, like, we saw Risky Business. But two cars into the pond at 400 Ellinwood Way sometime Tuesday morning means some kind of trend may be developing.

And we only put this one on those Stanford-ready, AP Calculus-acing youngsters because it appears police were busy chasing some of them around early Tuesday – or at least saw some kids in a car before they blacked it out – i.e. turned all the lights off. Take that, Stanford, they’re coming your way.

The folks left to clean up after the youthful exploits and joyous celebration of being alive and maybe 18 without a care in the world and the folks believing you can do no wrong are, as ever – the night custodial staff who spot the car you dumped in the pond and the firefighters and tow operators called to yank it out.

So, anyway, this new game – Puddling? Pond-Skipping? – emerged in the light of day Tuesday and no one was around to capture the classic line uttered by Joel’s mechanic after he dumps the 928 into the lake: “So, who’s the U-Boat Commander?”

Have an idea? Then Pleasant Hill PD would probably like to have a chat…


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