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Mass Shooting Suspect Convicted Of Mistaken Identity Attack


From the Office of the District Attorney:

Martinez, CA – Contra Costa District Attorney Diana Becton today announced the conviction of Enrique Ramirez-Calmo on three counts of first-degree murder and four counts of attempted murder, along with gang and other special circumstances enhancements.

On June 20, 2021, Ramirez-Calmo and a fellow gang member opened fire on a group of partygoers in Richmond. The attack, fueled by mistaken identity and gang rivalry, resulted in the death of three people and bullet wounds to four others.

The jury delivered their verdict on February 21st, concluding a four-month trial that stemmed from the horrific shooting at a residential party on Father’s Day.

“This was a senseless massacre that shattered the lives of innocent families,” said District Attorney Diana Becton.

In early 2022, an investigative breakthrough led to the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office filing the previously unsolved murder against Ramirez-Calmo. The prosecution presented a compelling case, including a video filmed by one of the victims that captured the moment of the shooting. Through meticulous investigation and collaboration with Richmond Police Department and other agencies, the trial included evidence from 2019 that Ramirez-Calmo was responsible for in another county.

“This was a complex case with numerous challenges,” said Deputy District Attorney Chad Mahalich, who prosecuted the case. “I am incredibly grateful for the dedication and expertise of everyone involved, including law enforcement, victim advocates, and the entire DA’s Office team. Together, we ensured that the defendant was held accountable for his actions.”

Ramirez-Calmo will be sentenced on March 11th in Martinez and faces life sentences without the possibility of parole.


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