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Alleged Mail Pirates Thwarted Saturday


While you were sleeping two groups of people were hard at work: People who wanted your mail even though it wasn’t theirs, and people in blue determined to stop them.

Walnut Creek police got wind of an alleged crew of mail pickers at work near Tice Valley and Olympic boulevards and moved into the area to see if they could stop them, identifying two cars with suspected thieves aboard and stopping one. One person was detained. It was not known how much, if any, mail was recovered as the alleged thieves reportedly dumped some before police moved in.


  1. Ooooooh, big brother cut me out again. Am I only allowed to rant about local elected officials when I’m directly in front of them?

    Firestone 11R

  2. Hard to believe but this is still a thing. We can see people walking or driving through the neighborhoods at night. If they’re not after the catalytic converter they seem to be after the Amazon package.

  3. Bring your mail in or have someone get it for you. We’re drawing these idiots into our neighborhoods and giving them access to our bank accounts.

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