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Crash On Westbound 24 In Lafayette Following CHP Pursuit Wednesday


California Highway Patrol officers were behind a Ford F350 pickup truck wanted as a stolen vehicle Wednesday morning, the vehicle fleeing down I680 and onto westbound Highway 24 where it crashed just west of Pleasant Hill Road.

Motorists report that a person fled from the crash site on foot but was detained shortly afterward.

Two ambulances were summoned. Photos provided by NEWS24/680 Flashers showed a second civilian vehicle also involved in the crash. Its occupants were not injured.

CHP officers said they first tried to pull the truck over on Highway 4 at San Marco Boulevard in Pittsburg.


  1. Working on the premise that fleeing vehicle was headed to the Caldecott Tunnel and to points beyond. Hoping any injuries incurred are not life-threatening.

    • Given our propensity for wordplay we are giving notice that from here on out we will be referring to the Caldecott as “The Giddyup Tunnel”…


        • I hear your refrain, and I sympathize with your frustration, I do. BUT we have to ask ourselves why are OUR prisons, enormous as they are, fuller than everywhere else such that the courts ORDER releases of prisoners on humanitarian grounds. We are incarcerating way too many people compared to the rest of the industrialized world. Are we really that much more criminal? That unique? That special? I don’t think so. We need to explore beyond the status quo.

  2. You know I feel sorry for the owner of this truck it was stolen! I feel really bad for everyone whose car were stolen by these thugs and most often crashed. It causes a lot of trouble in the innocent person’s life ! This is why insurance companies are backing out of California. (Mine did, and left me hanging)

  3. I’m beginning the think that the policy of ending pursuit as soon as the criminal starts driving recklessly has created an incentive to drive recklessly. An unintended but completely foreseeable consequence.

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