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Suspected Package Thieves At Work In Lafayette


Police have detained three persons suspected of stealing packages in the area of Happy Valley Court and Lois Lane – near Lafayette BART – on Tuesday afternoon.

Officers saturated the area and took the trio into custody after a brief foot chase, the second of the day.

Police are attempting to locate the owners of items apparently taken on Monson Lane.


  1. If these crooks took Bart in, I wonder if they paid their fare? There seems to be a correlation between people that do bad things on or around Bart and the coincidence of just jumping the faregate.

    • Maybe a new law with some sort of in-between. All of these crimes are upsetting so maybe a felony but without jail time? vs. just a misdemeanor. Or maybe a misdemeanor but heavy fines + community service + house arrest + another form of punishment. I don’t have the answers and for every point there is a counter point but we need some new methods to make these criminals second guess their actions. I’m just glad these three were caught.

    • So .. risky to get gas in the afternoon, or go to the ATM on Sundays in Lamorinda. I hate looking over my shoulder all the time! Appreciate LPD’s quick and successful response.

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