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Two Injured During San Ramon Attempted Robbery Thursday

Danville, CA, Police, A 12-year-old boy shoots and wounds himself with his parent's gun.
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Two men were hospitalized after they were assaulted by three men – at least two armed with pistols – near a San Ramon auto repair shop Thursday

The incident was just reported outside Kevin & Conners Auto Repair Shop in the 3200 block of Fostoria Way in San Ramon.

The two men were reportedly confronted by three black male suspects in masks and hoodies, with “black” semi-automatic pistols brandished and believed turned on the victims – one of whom underwent treatment for a blunt force injury to the back of the head, a second man reportedly kicked in the stomach.

The incident was reported at approximately 9 pm. It was not believed that the thieves made off with any property.

The victims were taken to a local hospital for treatment.


  1. Are you sure you’re writing about Fostoria? Sounds more like Allen St. in Tombstone, AZ. Yippie ki yay. Heads on swivels my fellow CoCo residents, get some training.

    Firestone 11R

    • Dominic,
      Is there anything we can do to help the people that were injured and their families? We have been going to the shop for more than 15 years or so; and are very concerned. Have they caught the perpetrators yet? Please give them our best.

      • Thank you, he’s a hard working guy and this was his second job he’d go to at night from our shop.. He hasn’t heard anything from authorities yet but I hope they get them soon.. He didn’t deserve to be beaten, he’s the nicest guy you’d ever meet..

        • Hope the victim is okay.

          What was he doing there at the shop at 9pm, though, as mentioned in the article?

          That shop closes at 5:30pm.

  2. Thanks for your alerts. We woldn’t know anything about what’s happening in our town if it wasn’t for you.

  3. We recently moved from our condo on Fostoria Way. There was questionable activity down that way for quite a while and it was getting too crowded with cars and some sleeping in their cars. Also, catalytic converters had been stolen and other crimes over the last couple of years.

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